Grand Bahama Utility Company restores potable water to several communities

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As an essential service, the Grand Bahama Utility Company Limited (GBUC) continues to work safely through the COVID-19 health crisis to provide water maintenance and distribution to all communities, and to restore potable water to the residents of Grand Bahama.

The utility is pleased to confirm that potable water is now being supplied in the areas of Lewis Yard, Mac Town, Pinder’s Point, Sunrise Subdivision, Wellington Heights and South Bahamia subdivision.

Water to these communities has been confirmed as potable by the Environmental Department of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited, the utility’s regulator, and results were provided to the Department of Environmental Health of the Government of the Bahamas.

“The residents of Lewis Yard, Mac Town, Pinder’s Point, Sunrise Subdivision, Wellington Heights and South Bahamia now have at-home access to safe, clean, drinking water,” stated Iram Lewis, Minister of State for the Disaster Preparedness, Management and Reconstruction and Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama. “The restoration of this essential service has been a shot in the arm for residents, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wish to commend the GBUC for their unwavering efforts to return potable water to all.”

Philcher Grant - PGL Director of Group Corporate Affairs & Government Relations

Philcher Grant – PGL Director of Group Corporate Affairs & Government Relations

“We will continue to provide updates as areas are validated for potable status.” added Philcher Grant, Director of Group Corporate Affairs and Government Relations. As work progresses, the GBUC continues to provide drinking water free of charge from twenty water distribution sites Island-wide.

“We have ensured that water distribution sites remain open during this time,” said Geron Turnquest, General Manager of GBUC. “Each site is following the necessary sanitary protocols to safely provide water to the general public, and we ask that visitors to the sites adhere to the protocols, display respectful and orderly conduct, and practice social distancing as required by the Government Emergency Order COVID-19.”

The virus has impacted communities and businesses throughout the islands of The Bahamas, including in Grand Bahama. Recently, the GBUC invited the Grand Bahama Health Services team, led by Dr. Frank Bartlett, to conduct a COVID-19 training session with its team, to help support the heightened safety protocols at work sites. The insightful session reinforced best practices and encouraged team members to operate safely for their protection and that of the public.

“Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, GBUC has progressed its two-step plan to deliver potable water island-wide,” continued Ms. Grant. “Over the next several weeks, residents in numerous areas, including East Sunrise Highway, will see the ongoing installation of new wells.” In addition to the drilling of new potable wells, the utility team has undertaken repairs to existing wells, during this restoration process. “In non-potable areas, we continue to provide a reliable city water service at good pressure for effective hand-washing and sanitizing, and all domestic and other uses other than cooking and consumption.”

We thank the community for alerting us to any specific issues they are experiencing, our team is working 24/7 to serve you under these difficult conditions. We are already putting hurricane contingencies in place, such as new backup generators, an extra booster station and a standby Reverse Osmosis System. Further updates on these plans will be forthcoming.