Ways to Pay

At GB Utility Company, we’re flexible in terms of how you pay for your water service – our goal is to ensure that access to clean and safe water is a guarantee.

Flexible payment methods that make paying your bill simple & painless

When it comes to your utility bill, nothing is more important to us than ensuring that you can easily pay your bill by whatever means works best for you. We’re proud to provide endless flexibility for your water service because in our minds, water isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

Take a look down below to view our accepted payment methods.

  • Pay your bill online through our secure online payment system: grandbahamautility.com/payments
  • Pay your bill with online banking.
  • Pay your bill at our 24-hour payment kiosk located at our headquarters. 
  • Pay your bill at our payment center located at our headquarters.
  • Pay your bill via the Kanoo app.
  • Pay your bill via Cash 'n Go