GBUC Rewards For Everyone

Customer Loyalty Rewards Features:   

We want to show our customers how much we appreciate them using our Rewards Program!  Whether you pay at our kiosk, payment centre or online, we want to reward you in the following ways:

  1. Customers who pay in full and maintain a current account for five (5) consecutive months will receive a token of appreciation on their 6th month payment. Tokens can be collected from Utility Relations (UR) Department representatives.
  1. Customers who remain current for eleven (11) consecutive months, will receive a 10% discount on their 12th month payment. Discounts will be applied directly to the account.


How to get started:

Kiosk and Payment Center Customers

  1. Visit Utility Relations (UR) and collect your Rewards Card. Once you have met requirement #1 noted above, you may return to the UR office, submit your rewards card for verification and redeem your reward.
  2. After meeting requirement #2, you may return to the UR office, submit your rewards card for verification card and the discount will be applied directly to your account. You will then receive a confirmation email.

Online Payment Customers (Website payments, online banking, digital payment platforms)

Visit our website at, select the Customer Rewards tab.  Once you have met requirements #1 and later #2 noted above, you may redeem your reward by:

  1. Completing online form (below)
  2. Uploading proof of payment (i.e., receipts)
  3. Click Submit

A UR Representative will contact you and provide details on your redemption, which will include pick-up at the UR department for reward tokens or discounts applied directly to your account.

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