Utility Bill
Account Number Book Number Service Address Bill Date Due Date Service Period Water Usage (per thousand gallons)

Account Number

The account number is the second component of the unique identifier for a customer's account. This group of numbers is your Location Identification Number, which tells us the location of your account. This number is assigned to your building or well location, and it does not change regardless of the account holder in that specific location.

Book Number

The book number is the first component of the unique identifier for a customer's account. These numbers represent your customer ID number, which is unique to you.

Service Address

This is the street address associated with your account.

Bill Date

The date from which the bill was issued.

Due Date

The date from which your current charges are due.

Service Period

Our technician reads your meter the previous month and then again during this month. The time in between each meter read is considered the service period / billing cycle.

Water Usage (per thousand gallons)

This number represents your water usage per thousand gallons in the current billing cycle i.e., 4 = 4,000 gallons used